Welcome to my little blog–the coffee house chronicles. I am your oh-so-friendly neighborhood barista, and today after much soul-searching (okay, not so much “soul-searching” as somewhat narcissistic amusement) I decided that the world needed to hear about the craziness that surrounds my everyday life, most of which centers around my time spent in my place of work.  Seriously–between the crazy customers and my even crazier co-workers, there are many things that beg to be told, if only due to their sheer absurdity.

I am endlessly amused by these people, and I thought I might take to the internet to revel in the humour of my existence and perhaps exorcise some of the frustration I occasionally feel at the hands of the quirky people in my life.

A significant portion of the amusement in my life comes from my co-workers, and understandably so, I suppose. That is to say that being a barista is probably one of the most odd jobs there is. Thus, it is not uncommon for people to continue working in the coffee business for fear of getting a real job–hence why there are such colorful people within the profession. So, I suppose I shall introduce some of my coworkers.

So, without further ado, I would like to tell you a bit about my coworkers and I:

Me–Charlee.  Age: 22

Eek–where to begin?  It’s so much easier to introduce the others than myself, as I am clearly oh-so-complex.  Well, for starters, I’m a chick, since the ambiguity of my name probably doesn’t do a lot to clear that up!  Beyond that, I fancy myself somewhat of a bohemian, and have been referred to as an “intellectual”, though I find that label slightly limiting.  Why would an educated, allegedly intellectual woman of my age be a barista, you ask?  Well, aside from the terrifying premise of being a true grown-up with a ‘real job’, I quite like my current job and am stuck in an academic and existential limbo presently…which, coincidentally, lends itself well to a job which is easy, pleasant, and doesn’t require much commitment–whilst I sort my life out, anyway!


Sam (Samantha)        Age: 22
I’m not sure how to describe her except to say that she’s kind of a bitch.  She is somewhat well-liked, by the guys at least, because she’s your typical “buxom blonde”.  That said, she is not anyone’s favourite because she’s constantly calling in sick due to her omnipresent hangovers, relationship issues, melodrama, etc.  Not to mention, she can be quite rude, and lazy.  Yeah–I’m not a fan!!

Laila   Age: 18
Laila is not your typical 18 year old.  She is quite intelligent and entered University at age 16.  She’s exceptionally religious and it’s clear that she’s led a rather sheltered life of home-schooling and church.  This job is her first foray into “the real world” and in my opinion seems to have opened her eyes to a lot of things.

Theresa  Age: 40-something (??)
The oldest employee at the store–I’m actually not entirely sure of her age, I believe she is forty-something.  She’s our resident cougar; your average trophy wife and only works a few hours a week, seemingly for the social outlet.  Her past is rather mysterious, but quite colorful, as far as I can tell. She gets along well with customers and gets a kick out of seducing employees and customers alike.

Mason   Age: 22
Mason is the terribly adorable and super cool old-timer–he’s worked at the shop for several years.  He’s studying to become a teacher and is an all-around easygoing and intelligent guy.  I have a bit of a crush on him if that was not already apparent.

Chad  Age: 19
Mason’s younger brother–he’s a bit quieter and probably the person I know the least about because he’s so shy.  That said, he’s also very easygoing and easy on the eyes, haha.  I also believe that there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Danielle  Age: 21
Danielle is the boss’s daughter and is generally annoying.  She’s nice enough, I suppose.

Liam  Age: 21

Liam is our resident brooding intellectual/music geek.  He’s probably my favorite person to work with because his interests are so varied, but he’s new to the shop so I don’t know too much about him yet.

Anyway, it’s rather difficult to describe my coworkers without informing you of their antics, but there is plenty of time for that, I suppose.  I’m really excited to start this blog and I’m going to try to update it as frequently as I can manage–because I really need to know if this stuff is excessively weird, or it’s just me.

Stay tuned!
xx Charlee

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