sexual tension, espresso, and infidelity over cappucinos

Yo.  I have returned.

So today I worked with Mason (rawr) and it was, as usual, intense in a good way–mainly because there is a lot of sexual tension between us, if I do say so myself.  Sadly, I feel that nothing will ever come of it because I find him so terribly attractive that when we are together, most of my energy goes towards toning down my inappropriate urges and I’m therefore incapable of generating witty comments or seductive glances.  Which is quite a bummer, to say the least.

Anyway, it was a relatively uneventful day, aside from the appearance and lack of disappearance for several hours (!) of Mason’s girlfriend.  I’m not the type of person to hate on other chicks (for reason of my devotion to girl power et al), however, home girl is kind of lame.  Enough said. Of course she is stunningly beautiful, but even so, after two hours of her life-suckingly boring comments, that did not do too much to console my sense of annoyance.  Does that make me a bitch?

FYI, my opinion of her is also due to comments Mason has made about her–and therefore is not entirely motivated by jealousy. Not that I’m lacking in the self-awareness department enough to not realize that if she were just some random girl I’d be indifferent to her uncoolness (noun., the state of being uncool); however, she is not just some random girl, she is the girl having a love affair with someone whom I would promptly like to engage in a passionate affair with.  Call me jealous.

I’m not into writing too much about my love affairs, but it suffices to say that there is nothing exciting going on in my love life, and I really need something exciting in terms of romance.  Also, I don’t want to wax too philosophical here, but I suppose any mention of the men in my life requires a little bit of background on my attitude toward them.  In a nutshell, I feel that at this point in my life, the purpose of romantic relationships is to explore and learn–hence, I’m not necessarily a fan of the traditional relationship path that seems to be so common in our society.

More on that later…

But yes–call me a commitment-phobe or a ‘neo-bohemian’–but I think it’s entirely illogical and unfortunate to commit oneself to only one person prematurely.

Of course, everyone says that when the ‘right one’ comes along, I shall change my view.  I don’t really see that happening though.  Hm.

Ironically, in keeping with the idea of commitment, today at work one of the “affair couples” came in.  Now, I suppose most of you out there have not worked in a coffee shop, but we generally get to know customers pretty well…and I cannot believe the number of people out there who use coffee shops to carry out their indiscretions!

I also wonder whether or not they realize that we ALL know they are having AFFAIRS.  I don’t see how they could not realize that we know–so I am left to think they do not care.  That said, one time at the ballet I ran into a customer who is always meeting different women at the shop, however, this time he was with his wife–I’ve never seen someone pull a “duck and run” in such a hardcore manner.  He stopped coming in after that.

If anyone reads this who happens to be a coffee shop cheater, please know that we all know you’re violating your marital vows, and also please stop creepily touching under the tables/between the chairs.  It’s unsettling.
I never thought there were so many philanderers out there until I became a barista.  Seriously.

It’s funny how people are quick to judge my reluctance to adhere to traditional relationship norms yet fail to appreciate our society’s blurred concept of monogamy.

Sorry this got to be a little “deeper” than I might have wanted–I’m going to leave out the reasoning for that.  I’ll let you, my phantom reader, guess.

That’s all for now–I have to get my plans straight for the evening, I believe more drooling is in order as I may be meeting up with Mason for a drink.  Hopefully I will be able to carry on a respectable conversation!

xx Charlee

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