Lazy Saturday

Ahh–I just woke up.  How I love Saturdays when I have nothing to do in the morning aside from sleeping as late as I fancy. :-)

However, I am a little hungover due to being quite a bit overserved last night–someone I have been seeing rather casually wanted to take me to some cocktail party, which was, as expected, lame (not in a manner totally dissimilar to my date!)  How I wish I could find a man who did not bore me terribly in one way or another (thus forcing me to get my drink on, heavily.)

On that note–I unfortunately didn’t end up meeting up with Mason, which is sad because he is indeed a man who does not bore me in one way or another.  Of course there’s still that whole girlfriend thing…

Anyway, I must be off, I have lots of little errands to run today and it being the new year and all, I am actually going to drag my arse to the gym.

x C

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