Narcissism, Revisited :)

I actually don’t fancy myself particularly narcissistic, but I’ve finished my errands for the day and am trying to procrastinate a bit before cleaning (pretty much my least favourite task ever).  So, I thought I’d let you know a bit more about me, since I am the author of this fabulous weblog, by way of sharing my resolutions for 2009 with you.  I also haven’t really decided what they all shall be yet, so I thought writing them out would help me out a bit!

First and foremost–I’d like to QUIT SMOKING.  It is a disgusting habit, I know.  I’ve even seen a smoker’s lungs (as opposed to normal, healthy lungs), and though it made me quit for a while, I’m always getting back to this awful habit.  So, this year, I would like to quit once and for all.  I have had a few slip-ups since the first, however, I am very committed to quitting this time for a variety of reasons, not least of all the fact that I know it is ruining my health–which brings me to my second resolution…

To get back into running! I’ve become such a lazy bones and I miss feeling healthy and fit.  Not to mention, running is great for my mood AND an incentive not to smoke since smoking and running don’t mix so well together.  I also feel like I’m too young to be so terribly out of shape!  So I have been doing well with this one so far–getting back into running is a little difficult because my endurance has suffered a lot, but I am excited to get up to where I was in terms of mileage and time.

Perhaps this is a weird one, but I’d like to start flossing at least twice a day.  Several of my friends are now dentists/in dental school and they have motivated me by regaling me with the many, many reasons why flossing should occur more frequently for everyone.  So, to anyone reading this, I encourage you to increase your flossing also!  Plus I got some really awesome floss…(grape!)

I’ve been a vegetarian for five years, and was a vegan for a while, so I’d like to start vegan-izing my diet again.  I felt so incredibly good when I was a vegan, however, the constraints it put on me in terms of time and planning were too much for me–the committment was too much for me (imagine that!).  Anyway, I’m a bit older now and my life is a lot more calm in many ways, so I’m hoping my renewed sense of dedication to a vegan lifestyle will help me with te hurdles I dealt with last time.  If anyone reads this and has ever thought of going vegan, please feel free to email me or something because I cannot recommend it enough…it helped my body and even my mind in so many ways, and it really is worth the extra effort.

Last but definitely not least, I need to start getting serious about the future. It’s a sort of terrifying premise to me, and in many ways antithetical to who I am, however, everyone has to grow up sometime, no?  I’ve always been a “carpe diem” sort of person, and have actually taken pride in my spontaneous attitude–but, living in the moment causes one to make decisions that probably are not as provident as one might hope.  Hence, I am going to start being more of an adult in terms of my life path and the decisions I make.  Hopefully.

I think that’s about it–of course I’d also like to read and write more, stop being so terribly amorous, and to lose weight (haha isn’t that a requisite resolution for every female?)–but, alas, I believe five resolutions are enough.

I suppose I must go clean now–perhaps the wish to avoid procrastination should have made the list, but there’s always 2010, right? ;-)

x C


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2 responses to “Narcissism, Revisited :)

  1. Good luck. Those are all excellent. If you were narcissistic, and who ever said that was a bad thing (other than the guy drowning in the pool of his own reflection), you could think of how amazingly attractive your lungs, figure, teeth, figure again, and future will look if you succeed.

  2. Charlee

    haha that’s a good way of looking at it I suppose…and thanks for your well wishes, knowing myself, I need all the luck I can get!

    and i’m glad you commented because i really enjoyed perusing your blog, you are quite talented :)

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