Mr. Martini

I love him!

Well perhaps that’s a bit of a preemptive proclamation, but I was feeling as though a large part of the smitten feeling I was experiencing last night was due to the alcohol, however, as it turns out, I awoke this morning wanting to see him again today.  However I doubt that shall happen because I have tons of things to do!

Alright so a little bit about Mr. Martini–I decided to give him this name because 1)he is a very private person and I’m sure he would be upset by me sharing private details using his real name, and 2) he kind of reminds me of “Mr. Big” from the programme/film “Sex and The City.”  Although he is much, much cuter and not a jerk. :) And he loves martinis more than anyone I’ve ever met (he started drinking them when he was 17–no joke! Gin at 17…niceeee.)

Mr. Martini and I met when we were both seeing other people, and the circumstances under which we met were pretty odd, but I’m going to leave that out for now, lest I be judged for my uncharacteristically questionable decision-making.  When we met, it was truly a “love at first sight” thing–never in my life have I been so drawn to and attracted to someone completely instantaneously–of course I cannot say I loved him right away, because when we met I loved my boyfriend, obviously, but the connection has been there from day one for us.  However for a number of reasons a romantic relationship would have been inappropriate, so we became very good friends; after a while I think we mutually felt as though we could no longer ignore the intensity of the energy between us, and we ended our respective relationships and began dating.

Mr. Martini is not only amazingly cool and kind, he is truly the most brilliant person I’ve ever met–and I say this because he is a genius by even the most objective standards (to name a few–he’s been published several times, holds a PhD from a very prestigious Ivy League uni, and is all-around astoundingly well-educated and well-informed).  We met when he was a grad student and I an undergrad at the same university, and we dated until last summer, when he was spending the summer in Greece, and I was spending the summer with my family due to the illness of a family member…we tried the long-distance thing for a while, but considering our different places in life, it just didn’t seem like the best choice any longer.

Needless to say, I have never really gotten over Mr. Martini and the intense bond that we share–he is the only person whom I’ve ever felt could practically read my mind, and the only person with whom I can have lengthy conversations and never once–not even for a split second–feel bored or annoyed or uncomfortable.  He’s just a really amazing person and the first person that really made me want to give up the single life and my freedom (as opposed to other relationships where I have felt I “owed” this to the other person).

Anyway, I assumed last night was going to be a very casual, friendly dinner and it turned into something very different.  Mr. Martini was being uncharacteristically affectionate all night, and after the film (and perhaps the emotions it stirred up), and a few extra-dry martinis, he began talking about how our age difference was the reason why things hadn’t worked out–he realised I needed to be with other people, I’m so young, blah blah blah.  I do agree with Mr. Martini on the point that I’m not looking to settle down, but he followed up these comments with the fact that he’s “thinking of getting a place in town [and ‘town’ aka the city where I reside happens to have pretty much the most expensive real estate ever] so that we can spend more time together”.  Whatttt?

I wasn’t really sure how to respond to all of this, and unsure of his sincerity since we haven’t really spoken for the past few months since we more or less ended things in August.  Mr. Martini is a very casual, cool dude, so these statements were especially weird coming from him.  Luckilyy, he’s also quite perceptive because my reaction (or lack thereof) to his rather bold statements caused him to take it easy for the rest of the night.

I’m just not sure about him; I absolutely adore Mr. Martini, but it was completely odd and unexpected for him to act the way he did last night.  A big part of me thinks it might have just been the mood the film put him in, because I have never seen him act that way before.  Then again, I also have not seen him since we ended things (long story).

I am at work right now however so I really should not be writing in my weblog…I’m working with Danielle, the boss’s daughter, so she is probably going to snitch on me for slacking on the job.  Oh well.



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