I am so very glad it is Friday!!  Not that it really matters so much to me, because I often work on the weekends, but there’s something about the weekend that just makes everything more fun.

I have the day off today, so lots of running and errands, and oh yes, the dreaded future planning, are in store!  Sounds like a blast, no?

I’m feeling a lot better than I was last night…I just didn’t expect to see my ex (last time I checked he was living in another city) and it kind of threw me for a loop and made me start questioning my decisions–which is never a good idea in my book.  We all have our own paths in life and you can’t look back and question all the time, or you’re going to miss out on a hell of a lot.  (Yes, I did meditate this morning if you’re wondering what is up with my zen-ish state of mind!)  So, hooray for the present!

On that note, I’m reading a book right now about wars/war strategy–in school I studied a relatively wide variety of subjects, but never history, aside from cultural history.  However, I realised this has left me lacking in a lot of knowledge about the way the world as we know it came to become, well, the world as we know it.  Anyway: I’m reading this book, and the chapter I’m reading right now is about keeping focused on the present and how this is the best strategy, as success in war can often be attributed to flexibility and the quickness to act of those calling the shots.

And I’m thinking that this applies to life also–in terms of romantic relationships (who hasn’t heard the old “if you’re waiting for the wrong one, you’ll miss out on the right one”?), personal relationships, and even personal decisions.  To me this is an amazing and important discovery because I am naturally overly nostalgic as well as excessively critical of my past selves–but as of today, I’m done with that kind of mindset and focusing solely on the present, and yes, even the future.

Well along those lines, I must think of bathing suit season, and get my booty to the gym!  Have a great day :)

xx Charlee


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3 responses to “TGIF!

  1. Is it Robert Greene’s “33 Strategies of War”? I’m reading that right now, mostly done. His books are really good, though a cumbersome read to a degree, with the exhaustive margin notes.

  2. Charlee

    Why yes it is! How strange that you’re reading the same thing!

    I was lamenting to a friend that I feel like an idiot when it comes to military history/wars, yet that I have absolutely no interest in this subject and this is why I know nothing about it. So, he recommended this book to me.

    The subject matter itself is a little strange to me and doesn’t really align with my worldview as I think it’s a bit much to compare life to a war, but I like that I’m learning about conflicts in a way that is interesting to me, as psychology and philosophy are two of my favorite subjects…so I kind of enjoy the margin notes (for the most part, although some of them are a bit irrelevant, it would seem).

    The author, I’m not so certain of; he seems a bit…insane? tightly wound? haha I’m not sure how to put it…but I’ve been enjoying the book thus far, although I suppose to make any judgment on it would be premature because I’m not too far along!!

    That’s really cool that you’re reading the same thing though, thanks for the input–I’ll have to check out his other books! (Are they also somewhat Machiavellian?)

  3. Very Machiavellian! In fact, he often writes about Machiavelli in his treatments of Machiavellian strategy.

    “48 Laws of Power” is more universal, in my opinion, than the war strategy book, and be careful if you read “The Art of Seduction”, because it could lead to wanton seduction of innocent people around you. In military terms, I believe this is called “collateral damage”.

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