sexiness (or, I’m in love with Jon Favreau)

Luckily, I have a few days off this week because I had intended to go to DC for inauguration. Due to the coldness and a few other things, I decided not to do that, however, I have been enjoying basking in the inaugural excitement all day–Hi, my name is Charlee and I’m a CNN addict (fyi)–so today is especially wonderful for me.

The dinner party was absolutely fabulous! It was really spectacular to reflect last night upon the changes that are to come in our nation and to absorb this moment that we’re currently in–I’ll have to post more about Obama’s amazing speech later, but right now I am posting because I have something else on my mind: Obama’s chief speech writer…whom I am in love with. Anyone know him? Please tell him there’s a crazy girl in New York who’d like to marry him.

Jon Favreau is Obama’s speechwriter and he is incredibly talented/brilliant (obviously) and in trying to learn about him due to his incredible gift with words, I researched him and realised that (a) he is quite young, making him all-the-more impressive, and (b) he is quite sexy.

Here are some photos for your visual enjoyment…

Is he in a coffee shop?! Sexy, vocabularily-intelligent, AND a coffee lover?! Have I died and gone to Heaven?

Is he in a coffee shop?! Sexy, vocabularily gifted, AND a coffee lover?! Have I died and gone to Heaven?




He got in some pretty serious trouble for this one--but I say more power to him for having a sense of humour! It is quite funny, no?

Yes–’tis kind of sad really, to have a schoolgirl crush like this, but alas, he had me at “yes we can.”

Anyway, I am still very excited over what has happened/is happening today–and REJOICE!–we are finally collectively free of George W. Bush and his cumbersome perspectives.  Free at last!

Alright, back to celebration/obsessive CNN viewing!

Have a great day everyone!!

xx Charlee


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7 responses to “sexiness (or, I’m in love with Jon Favreau)

  1. He’s lost a lot of weight since “Swingers” (it had to be said).

  2. Charlee

    ahaha, did it? really?

    I previously decided it did not need to be said but I suppose I was incorrect–thanks for taking care of that for me!! ;-)

  3. Sigh, perhaps not. Rumor (internet?) has it that he wrote the inaugaration speech at a Starbucks.

  4. Charlee


    that’s it. i’m calling off the imaginary wedding.

  5. He’ll be crushed but respect you for your company loyalty, your refusal to compromise your values and he’ll never forget you.

    Then, many years from now, a chance encounter will rekindle the love you once shared in a new era where corporate rivalry has lost it’s stigma and you can bring your relationship into the open.


  6. Charlee

    Haha–quite an epic tale! Shakespeare had nothing on you!

  7. I get that a lot, and yet the scoreboard on masterpiece, historically lauded and revered pieces of literature reads: Shakespeare – a bunch, unemployed dad – 0.

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