on drinking the kool aid…

Alright so I might have come on a bit strong yesterday…

I don’t generally discuss politics at all with people because I think one’s political outlook is a personal and private thing.  That said, this is my place to vent and so I shall tell you that for me, my political beliefs are not based upon who I am as a person, my background, my emotions, or my ideals–they are based on one thing, and that is rationality.  This is the one area where I have no problem with complete objectivity because I think there is a very clear and distinct way a government and country should be run, and to be frank, I wish more people would consider politics in a manner removed from their own subjectivism and look at it from an intellectual and logical standpoint.

In all matters aside from politics (as far as I can think of, anyway) I think with my heart rather than my head, and yesterday was a special day for me not necessarily in a political sense, but in an emotional one.  As a human, yesterday meant a great deal to me (as it should to all of us, in my opinion.)

I don’t think Bush is to blame for everything and I really resent that so many people make him the scapegoat.  However, I also must learn to accept the unfortunate fact that most Americans are not well-versed in politics, economics, or international relations, and therefore tend to accept things that go on in our government at face value.

Personally, the bone I had to pick with Bush was not so much a grievance towards him, but rather with the electoral college–I have always resented the fact that Bush lost the popular vote, but still won office.

As for Obama…he has an ability to stir emotions unlike anyone I have ever seen.  I have seen him “turn” so many people in his favour due to his skills as an orator (and of course his brilliant speechwriters); during the campaign, this made me feel like he was lacking in terms of substance, because after all, a great speaker does not necessarily indicate a great leader, but I also think one has to be careful not to go too far in the opposite direction–that is, assuming that he lacks the capacity to lead simply because he is such a great speaker.

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see;  I hope the motivation and excitement that Obama has stirred continues, but I still think the way people idolize him is a bit much and from a psychological standpoint, fascinatingly creepy.

Must go to the gym–have a great day :)

xx Charlee

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