red, red wine and assorted nonsense

I’m not sure there’s anything in the world that cheers me up as much as a nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon!  I am cheery.

I would like to share with you a comment a very old and very obese woman made to Mason today.  He said, “Here is your change–69 cents”.  To this, she replied: “Wooo baby! 69! I like that number!!”.  I am told her daughter looked mortified.

A few moments later, she said “Hey, where can I get some of that 69, sugar?”–which apparently was her way of asking for sugar.  What?

Unfortunately I missed all of this (I was chatting on the phone) and Mason recounted it to me, although he was more frightened than amused.  Poor kid.  I think it’s just hilarious though, and also rather crazy that these sorts of people are running amok amongst the rest of us.  How can anyone be that cracked out?

Another thing I have to comment on is the fact that I don’t know what the FUCK is wrong with our society.  Really.

I have long ago accepted that I am “out of touch” with the majority of American culture, but still, even in seeking not to identify with it, but simply to understand it, I must say that there are so many things I fail to understand.

I mention this because Marley and I–or should I say “Marley and Me“, which brings up another interesting point: that film was #1 even though it was against several REMARKABLE films at the box office.  To be fair, I have not seen it.  But it’s a dog movie people; even a well-marketed dog movie is still just a dog movie–and should not beat a fucking well-made film at the box office (especially Doubt or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which were two of the year’s best films in my opinion, and which opened the same weekend only to be beaten by that yuckiness).

Anyway, last night someone started telling me about this programme entitled “Tool Academy”–it obviously sounded right up my alley, because although I do not enjoy television, I do quite enjoy tools (not to be confused with implements used for fixing things).  So Marley and I viewed it, and whilst we laughed the entire time, one still has to wonder why this sort of nonsense is pervading our society.

Another thing that keeps cracking me up is “If You Seek Amy” (say it slowly), Britney’s new song.  I personally enjoy Britney’s music, I think it’s usually pretty good to groove to, and I would call myself a fan–this is something I am rather quick to proclaim, and most people think it’s an ironic statement, but it’s not.  I really like her music.  The point is though, that after losing her mind publicly and continuing to act pretty crazy, she finally seemed to be moving toward relative normalcy (extremely relative here)–and now she’s singing a song exclaiming “F-U-C-K Me”???  I mean if that isn’t comically absurd, I don’t know what is.

I’m DREADING tomorrow.  I have to use my brain once again–I’ve decided that along with my whole new “stop fucking around” mentality, I’m going to do something more with my time than, well, fucking around.  Ergo, I’m teaching undergrads this semester.  I’m sort of dreading it because I don’t really care all that much about anything which makes it hard for me to make authoritative statements, particularly when trying to tell someone what to do–and that combined with a class full of gnarly undergrads makes me kind of concerned.

Hopefully it will go okay.

I hope no one else is plagued by a case of the Mondays tomorrow. ;-)

xx Charlee


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3 responses to “red, red wine and assorted nonsense

  1. Brittany’s challenge has always been that deep down and at heart, she is really nerdy! Despite the persona and the marketing, underneath it all beats the heart of a socially challenged and awkward girl.

    In her pre-crazy days, when she had the pick of the litter, did she opt for the hot movie star, famous athlete, or super cool artist that would seem to be at her level? No, back up dancers, hometown bf’s, dregs and combinations of the three for the most part. Always trading down.

    Re: pop culture tastes, what I have found is that after years of railing against lowest common demoninator programming, while it makes for great rants, it’s better just to go with it. Be thankful that you are smarter and more sophisticated than the pack, but if it makes you angry, you risk alienating the less fortunates who live for that type of pap. Bad “karma”. I am just now realizing this and wanted to share.

    Just a couple of thoughts, thanks for the diversion, I must get back to my cartoon!

  2. Charlee

    Thanks for your comment!! :) That is an entirely possible hypothesis on Britney–goodness knows she has something missing in terms of social development!

    And you’re so right on pop culture–I definitely don’t want to be THAT girl, the one who’s always putting down things people like.

    It’s not that I necessarily think television programs these days are dumb or unsophisticated, it’s just that I really don’t understand them–their appeal, their purpose, their entertainment value. It irks me!

    Thanks for the advice though, you’re right, I should keep my mouth shut when it comes to commentary on our culture!!! I learned that one the hard way when I was with a group of girls who suddenly felt the need to begin discussing Paris Hilton rather excitedly and I suddenly felt the need to proclaim rather obstreperously “Do you guys realize she is famous for getting fucked?”!

    I certainly felt like quite an arse amidst their blank stares…

  3. Hope I didn’t sound preachy, but I believe my frequently broadcast disdain of “Family Guy” was a contributing factor in my job loss.

    I still hate that show so much!

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