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Okay, I know a lot of people enjoy judging people by their musical taste, but I believe that is dumb, and therefore I am well aware of the fact that most of this music has been around for a while, but contrary to popular belief, music being over a year old or well-circulated does not mean it sucks.  So, here are a few songs that are presently helping me get through several hours of tedious mathematical calculations! Enjoy!!

MGMT–I wasn’t super into them the first time around, but ever since New Year’s Eve (when we listened to them pretty much all night and I had a blast) I can’t really stop listening to them.  Their sound is somewhat techno-y, but still has a solid lyrical base and lots of electronica type stuff going on.  I’m into it.  It’s good for inducing a bit more engagement when hanging out in a group, and it really puts me in a generally good mood.  Here is their song “Electric Feel” (which I’ve been listening to since last Spring and am STILL not sick of!):

Kings of Leon–I was at first kind of disgusted by the lack of originality in this band, and they’re definitely not one of my favourites, however, I must say that if you have not heard their song “Sex on Fire”, you must download it now.  Their sound is very “Southern Rock” and one might say slightly overproduced (or excessively overproduce, haha), but nonetheless, I think some of their music is genuinely aurally pleasing and not as annoying as most music in this genre.  “Sex on Fire” is one of the sexiest songs I’ve heard in a while and who could dislike a song with a chorus that goes “YEAHHHH! Your sex is on FIREEEEEEE!”.  Haha well we all have our guilty pleasure music, no?  Or maybe I just need to get laid.  (Is this not the fundamental paradox in life?  That the more sex one has, the more sex one wants?)  Here is “Sex on Fire”:

Of Montreal–All right, I know they are so not in any way new or exciting, but they do have a new album out, so I thought I’d give them a shout out in case anyone had not yet checked them out.  Of Montreal was my favourite band for several years, and hanging out with BC so much has made me start listening to them again out of pure nostalgia for the days when he and I would spend the afternoons listening to them and chain smoking and getting busy.  Good times.  Anyway, if you’re not familiar with them, their sound is pretty unique and really upbeat…it always puts me in a good mood, and has influences from lots of different musical genres.  To me it is reminiscent of Europop in the sense that it’s lyrical pop with a more techno sound than most American Pop, but it also has a flair that is very unique to Of Montreal.  Their sound has evolved a lot from their earlier stuff, but they can really do no wrong in my eyes.  Here is one of my favourite songs of theirs (video is kind of weird but I was having trouble finding the proper one):

Well I there are more I would like to share, however, my calculations are calling and this has taken longer than I anticipated!  So I shall continue at a later date!

Good day! :)

xx Charlee


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3 responses to “cool sounds

  1. Math is fun. Good to hear you have a decent soundtrack for working on it. However, there is nothing cooler than people that listen to music and as soon as they find out someone else listens to it, the band automatically sucks. Especially if the person (#2) listens to Nelly. Lol. I used to know a lot of those people. They spend more money on “new” music than they do on living expenses. It’s truly a sad addiction that is hard to recover from.

    That being said, good call on the MGMT; I’ve been listening to them a bit lately – particularly that song and one other, can’t remember the name.

    Well, the name doesn’t matter anymore. I can’t listen to them now. :)

  2. Charlee

    Haha, I beg to differ on the premise “math is fun”…not really the adjective I would choose. Occasionally enjoyable, perhaps?
    I’m glad someone finds it fun though!!

    And you are so correct. There is NOTHING cooler than not liking music simply because you find someone else who enjoys it. I mean, logic would dictate that if music is likable, more than one person would become fond of it–but logic is so uncool.

    Alas, I also know many people who suffer from the ‘sad addiction’ you speak of. I don’t really have an opinion on it, except that it is cool to have friends who are so obsessive about music because I can benefit from their “illness” without having to deal with the symptoms–i.e. declining bank account balance/the wasting of many hours of time. (Although I do so love to waste time.)

    I really dig MGMT, I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to them! Then again, I am happily uncool. :)

  3. Great post. I cannot tell you how many times I have found new interests in music because I heard a few friends arguing about music and judgment by what they listen to. I Take the bands i remember them talking about and give them a shot. Music is music and it makes everything move and puts definition in our little lives.

    Charlee, If you dont already know about it check out Listen to music all day long and hear things you’ve never heard of. Awesome place.
    Great post again.

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