i like cartoons.

From the New York Post:

This has apparently created a huge controversy over the fact that the author of this cartoon seems to draw a comparison between Obama and a monkey, thereby referencing a particularly offensive racial slur.

Personally…it made me laugh.  I feel that it is referencing the killing of a lady’s pet chimp, and poking fun at another current event (the passing of the stimulus package) by saying that it is bad and could have been written by an animal.  Pretty standard stuff.  And quite funny, really.

Now that a controversy has developed over it, I do see how it could be construed as offensive…however, I only see that because it’s been explained to me by numerous people professing its racist undertones.

It’s all in the perspective.

If you’re looking for it to be racist, then yes, you can bend it to fit into your paradigm.  Likewise if you’re seeing it for what it is, a benign source of amusement.

For me, it comes down to the person’s intent–and I find it quite hard to believe that they had an intent to depict a racist message.  What do you think?

My opinion: chances are, it didn’t even occur to the author of the cartoon that it could be seen in such a way, and I think that speaks volumes about our society…and kind of makes me wish Al Sharpton and his outdated perspective would take a hike.  Just saying.

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5 responses to “i like cartoons.

  1. I agree. From this cartoon, anyone who misses the point that the “stimulus bill is so bad it could have been written by a monkey”, or its obvious cousin “a million monkeys on a million typewriters writing the perfect stimulus bill” is projecting their own racial biases on the artist. How ironic!

  2. I don’t find this racist at all. I get it, its simple.

  3. Charlee

    Michael, I am glad to hear that you agree since you are the authority on this subject! :)

    And I think the Post responded stating that Al Sharpton is a whack attack/hungry for publicity. Which were pretty much my thoughts on his professed outrage.

  4. Maybe it was meant to be possibly inflammatory so its other message would reach more people. I wouldn’t be reading this comic now if it was completely pc.

  5. It would be funnier if W was still in office. I’m still waiting to see a cartoon of the chimp dressed in his Old Navy clothes beating the snot out of the Old Navy old lady.

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