So did everyone enjoy the Academy Awards?? I thought they were quite exceptional this year! And Mr. Jackman’s easiness on the eyes certainly didn’t hurt.

My stupid (or cute, depending on how you look at it!) little brother has been f*cking chatting constantly with his girlfriend!!! Hence me being on my PHONE right now instead of on my arse due to falling over as an effect of intoxication!!!

He begged me to bring his ass this year, and what does he do?? Kill my buzz, that’s what.

Although it’s probably good because I am kind of blowing off my responsibilities by being here, but lucky for me, technology allows me to be less irresponsible by working remotely… KINDA

does it still count as working if it’s a poor excuse for work since my brain is on confetti right now??

How insane is technology though?!?! It is blowing my mind!!!!!!!!!

Well anyway I must be off, I just thought I’d get my weblog on since I’m sitting here trying to get my bro’s booty moving–

Also, I just got twitter, I feel I kind of suck at it and none of my friends are tech-y aka THEY REFUSE TO JOIN ME IN THE YEAR 2009

or at least will not join my attempt at progression into the techhead world!!!

SO I am a twitter loner!!!!! And I am sad! So find me on there, PLEASE?!?!?!?

I am @whothehellcares

Hah, great nickname, right?!?


WELL I am terribly sorry for any PROBLEMS in this post as I am a bit off my rocker right now and this is the first time writing from my little treo! THAT’S RIGHT BITCHES…MY TREO! NOT MY IPHONE!!!!!!



Well much love blogga world and please:

Keep it real guys and gals! :)

xx Charlee


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2 responses to “Boo!

  1. My real life friends don’t Twitter either. I always get really excited when I find people I know who actually use it. But then I’m usually let down because those people rarely follow through and update regularly. So then I resort to following strangers (like you).

    Either way, I’m not giving up my Twitter. So I look forward to your tweets!

  2. Being no luddite, after some cajoling, I’m in Twitter too, unemployeddad.

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