Because I am a diarist, I can tell you that I am extra emo tonight (this morning)–quite possibly because I am doing yucky mathematics that I’ve been blowing off foreva;

Ergo, I don’t really have time to write, except to say that love/hate relationships suck.

Big time.

Don’t you agree??

x C


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4 responses to “emo

  1. Not necessarily, there is a fine line between love and hate and I think consistent love/hate is healthier than love, love, love, love, hate forever, which is also worse than hate, hate, hate, love forever, which is more rare.

    One spiritual author suggests that all relationships that stem from and fulfill egoic wanting within us are doomed to oscillate from love to hate.

    So I suggest you check yourself before you wreck yourself! (I’m just sayin’)

  2. i absolutely thrive in love/hate relationships!

    there’s so much passion: one minute you’re all about it, then you never want it again the next.

    it’s great!

  3. Charlee

    Thanks for the input guys. I think the very thing that is so awesome about them (the intensity, the passion, the excitement) is what can make them a bummer at times.

    I think the jury is still out on whether or not they suck though because although I think I should be mature enough to let my ongoing love-hate relationship go, I’m still stuck on the loving and hating merry-go-round!

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