blogheads and blogcrushes and blogmances, oh my!

OKay not to worry, if you read my other post about “Alternative Engineering”, an explanation is coming!  I just have to write it…I’m working on some things that relate to that sort of mumbo-jumbo, so I thought I’d post some of it on here to see what feedback it got!

BUT today I am posting about my transition to the virtual world.

I’m quite embarrassed to admit this, but I am feeling a little bit middle-school-esque about revealing my recent leap into the ‘blogosphere’ (aka the gayest word of all time. Seriously, name one that is more lame in a really late-90s way.)  Even worse, I’m pretty sure I’d be shunned if I revealed my love of twitta.  Not really–but do I really want to defend my use of it?  Not really.  SO I just keep my trap shut.

Anyway along with the idea of things I’d never thought I would do (like starting a blog), I NEVER thought I’d even consider meeting an “internet friend” or anything like that.  This brings me to my next point–tomorrow, a bunch of my favourite bloggers are going to be in my neck of the woods.  But, I mean, what??  For all I know they could be a pack of pirates from Somalia, or eyeball-eating zombies, or some other extremely plausible shit like that.

BUT they’re all really hilarious in writing and probably cool people.  I just don’t know if I can bring myself to do something that seems so bizarre and unnatural to me (I know most people–or at least most people that would read this–probably don’t feel that way, but we must remember, I am not generally a tech-y chick!)

Another even more sad thing that I did not anticipate experiencing (and was unaware of the existence of) is a blog crush.  One of the first blogs I read was about a guy struggling with the ladies, and it was supa funny and written in an endearing manner.  Once I got over my personal embarrassment for such an absurd thing, it was no longer relevant BECAUSE homeboy hooked up with a girl whose blog I also read!  Yeah, wrap your mind around that one, blogheads.  Blogga-word is kinda like Martha’s. Except way weirder.

So I read both of these people’s blogs, and a) it feels a little weird/voyeuristic to be reading their impressions of a relationship that they’re both involved in AND know the other person reads.  I mean, I don’t think any relationship theorists accounted for these sorts of things when developing their notions about relationships…

and b) it seems like they’re both a little crazy.  I mean, would you EVER fly halfway across the country to meet someone you knew from THE INTERNET?  And maybe that’s romantic.  Fine.  But now the girl has gone back several times (in only a few weeks?) and wrote a blog post about how she wants to move…I mean, again, what?!  You’re really going to leave your life behind for someone you have known PERSONALLY for a very short time?

Maybe I’m cynical, but I’m starting to think there are some REAL nuts running around blogga world.  And hey, I’m far from sane (just ask my psychiatrist), but reading some of this shit is difficult for me to process any further than ‘holy shit, these people are so far outside my frame of reference (aka me) that I don’t even know what to think!’

But it’s entertaining! :) :) :)

Personally , I could never date someone who read my blog, because clearly most of the nonsense I ramble about on here is like one hundredth date material.  Or after you have realised one of you is pro-pirate and the other is pro-ninja, and you decide you still like each other. Or something.

Lover is on my case about reading this shizz, but mark my words blogheads, that will NEVER HAPPEN.  EVER.

Why?  Mostly because I like how funnily he acts regarding it.  Like it contains some sort of mysterious, ancient code.

The point is, blogs are very bizarre things, and I’m still trying to form my impressions of blogga world–it’s strange that blogs are relatively intimate ways of knowing someone, yet not knowing them at all, no?

I think it’s the latter part that is easy to forget, or sweep under the rug…hence the fact that a “blogmance” is probaby skewed from the start, since one’s conception of how well they know the other person is somewhat likely to be confused.  This might explain the behaviour of our zealous friends in bloglove.

OR maybe I’m just incredibly cynical and can’t accept that “love happens in many different ways” (or something else Meg Ryan would have typed in You’ve Got Mail.)

In other news, I’m getting geared up for my FAVOURITE HOLIDAY!  CINCO DE MAYO.  It is coming friends!  I encourage you to begin the celebratory procedures early.

Have a fab weekend!

x C


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2 responses to “blogheads and blogcrushes and blogmances, oh my!

  1. Interesting topic, though I have a contrarian viewpoint.

    No question there is a stigma associated with meeting people you initially made contact with over the internet, but I think this applies (rightfully so) to the old school chatrooms, where duplicity is the norm. Blogs are a different medium entirely. One could argue you get to know a person better through blogs than in the real world (100th date material as you referenced). Anyone who can consistently intrigue and make you laugh through their work could completely be worth meeting in real life.

    Case in point, a friend of mine who is a highly creative blogger recently met, in person, another blogger whose work he always loved. Over the span of a couple of months, they began to read each others work at a safe distance. Their blog comments to each other got amped up through Twitter, then onto Blackberry messaging. Truly the most modern of romances.

    Once they passed the picture exchange test (both are really good looking) and couldn’t stand it any longer, he took a cross country flight for a day for a super safe “see what happens” public meeting on a Saturday, and another cross country flight for a partial weekend, and then she came cross country to spend a couple of weeks with him. Now they are in love, though it absolutely killed their respective blogs faster than Twitter.

    What’s really interesting is that my friend in real life works in a leadership role for a Fortune 500 and is all about the Calvin Klein suits etc., though you would never know that from his blog. The girl he met is much more bohemian by contrast. Not to say that they couldn’t have connected anyway, but without her seeing his artistic side through his blog she probably would have always characterized/discounted his viewpoints in a one sided manner, as we often do tend to categorize people by occupation and appearance.

    Hence, while their story is still a work in progress, it does indicate the depth of attraction two people can foster through mutual admiration of each others work through “blogs” (which is a word I hate btw because it really is a powerful creative medium with a really lightweight name).

    So stop being so cynical!

  2. Charlee

    Thanks for your thoughtful response – it did make me think about it a little differently. And you’re right, it (blogging) does remove some of the (inconsequential) things that separate us from on another in real life.

    I shall try to stop being so cynical

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