‘No one goes to Jamaica to clear their head’

Hello my friends!

I have been neglecting this weblog in a big way.  I’m not sure if I am correct in thinking that I really don’t have a lot to say – because how sad is that?

Alas, I’ve been doing some random writing jobs.  Obviously for fun because as we all know, writers do not get paid with the baller-level salaries that they should.  Someday I hope to be able to generate an income.  But that’s beside the point – the point is, getting paid for writing has kind of soured me on writing for pleasure. “Writing,” I should say, as it is clearly mostly incoherent rambling.

But, yeah, things never seem to be as much fun once they progress from interests to something you get paid for  – I guess I just don’t like the notion of “work.”  Ha, ha.  Who does, right?

Where in the world have I been, you ask?  Or was that me?

I was getting a bit stir-crazy and needed to get away and clear my head.

I’m chilling out right now, trying to reach nirvana.  If only I could remember all of the solutions to cosmic mysteries I have been coming up with.

But, I feel a lot better now.  Sometimes I just REALLY need to escape the scene with all the same people and same functions – and of course, all of the same things being whispered about everyone.  I just wanna hug trees ‘n’ shit, you dig?

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I am resuming my study in the fall, and it’s really stressing me out, because I have become quite attached to straight chillin’ – as opposed to being buried under books and journals and more books.  To tell you the truth, I’m also slightly concerned that my brain has atrophied during the past year.

I’ve never really been the brightest star in the sky, and sometimes I feel as though I really don’t belong in a place where some of the nation’s (and world’s) best minds congregate.

But…I think it’s normal to feel insecure at times, right? And! I think I have found an extra way to boost my intellectual confidence : dying my hair brown.

Keep it real, blogmuffins!

x C

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One response to “‘No one goes to Jamaica to clear their head’

  1. I resumed study this year and I was so nervous about it after a lengthy while away. It’s going pretty well so far and I bet you’re going to rock once you get back in the swing of things :)

    Urgh, how I’m going to make a living as a writer is something plaguing me right now…thanks for reminding me of it! :P

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