Today, whilst engaged in a steamy dream about Chris Martin (this admission embarrasses my subconscious mind), I heard the voice of my father.  It said, ‘Do you want your margarita frozen or over ice?’

This roused me from my unconscious state, and I scrambled for my mobile to see the time.  It turned out to be noon.  The day of week appeared to be Monday.

“Uhhh…Dad, it’s Monday?” I responded,

to which my dear father said, ‘You know, you’re right – over ice it is!’

It turns out that my father has adjusted his frat-boy-o-meter in response to my mum being away.

So I am a bit tipsy, and simply must continue drinking – because if college taught us anything, it is that drinking in the morning will make you pass out before six if you don’t continue drinking at a rapid pace.

On the other hand, I fear for myself in a few weeks – when I’ll have to have coffee for my liquid lunch instead of tequila.  :(


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3 responses to “Today

  1. Charlee

    Having your father force feed you alcohol in the middle of the day on Monday is indeed quite rocking!
    …amongst other things!

    But thanks for yo’ comment, because I do fancy myself one who rocks ;-)

  2. Britt

    LOL wow, my dad would never… though I sometimes wish he would, preferably right before he launches into one of his “what are you doing with your life” speeches. I’d probably handle it better…

    …I’ll have to pitch that to him.

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