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Asian Cheese? (Is that an oxymoron?)

I have a confession to make–I am a total, utter, helpless foodie; I love ALL food so very much, but I tend to love Eastern flavours the most, particularly fusion food.

Anyway, I am at work and thinking that perhaps because I have been gorging on food, wine, and alcohol for the past few days, I should try to have something relatively healthy today…and I’m on a couscous kick, so I wanted to try making some that incorporates Asian flavours–my question is, what kind of cheese should I use?

I know I could fairly easily not use cheese–as I think the notion of “Asian cheese” is a very funny one since dishes of this nature are generally without cheese, but gosh, I LOVE cheese people! And it really heightens the heartiness of couscous (in my opinion, anyway.)

Cheese is probably my favourite food ever (the sole reason why I struggle to follow a completely vegan diet) so I can’t imagine any kind of cheese not suiting my palate, however, it’s a little bit more difficult than usual because I want it to be a cheese that doesn’t taste totally awful when low-fat/fat-free (which narrows the choices considerably because cheese is meant to be hella fatty…), as well as a cheese that will not overpower the flavours of the dish (I’m hoping to give it a main flavour with thai basil and saffron–but also using ginger and soy sauce)…

so, any ideas?

I suppose I should not hold my breath, haha.

Perhaps I should just be a good girl and make it without the cheese…I know my ass would be thankful :)

On that note–I’m off to the gym!  But if any foodie happens to come across this, I’d very much appreciate any assistance you could offer!

x C

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