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No sooner looked but they loved…

So today was a rather interesting day!  You’ll have to excuse the quality of my writing, as I am presently under the influence of excessive amounts of both espresso (earlier) and sake (more recently).

Anyone recognise the title of this entry?  It’s from one of my favourite Shakespearean plays.

Anyway, I worked with Laila and Chad today…I was quite bummed out because they’re both pretty boring/tedious people and Sundays are relatively slow, so there is lots of conversing, and in the case of those two lame-os, lots of staring into space and sighing for me.  I dread working with both of them, so the two of them together was especially terrible.  So, my amazing roomie Marley, after numerous texts lamenting my awful plight, decided to help ease my suffering and come hang out.  Marley is one of the coolest people I kn0w–she’s an art student, tons of fun, and what some may call a bit of a “space cadet” but I cannot imagine my life without her.

Marley hung out for several hours, and struck up a conversation on the technicalities of photography with Chad–a conversation which, unbeknowst to me, can apparently take hours.  I was also unaware of Chad’s artistic side, or that he could carry on a conversation for an extended period of time, so work was generally full of surprises today.  I also might add that Marley is incredibly pretty and very smooth in terms of the male population–as evidenced by her ability to make Chad become infinitely more cool than he has shown himself to be in the months that I have known him.  (Note to self: somehow acquire Marley’s flirting skills)

Due to Chad and Marley’s evident chemistry, by the time closing time came, they could not bear to end their conversation, and decided the three of us should grab a bite to eat.  Of course, I do have a little bit of “smoothness” in me and, accordingly,called Mason to join.  Mason, being the rad dude that he is, chose an amazing Thai place that I hadn’t been to previously (and I LOVE me some Thai food) and the evening was generally very cool.  Lots of lively conversation, lots of laughs, lots of sake.

The night ended with a rather hilarious goodnight kiss between Marley and Chad–we had all been drinking, but even so, I think Chad was slightly taken aback by Marley’s brazenness.  Incidentally, it prompted Mason to make a comment that “I should have had what she was drinking”.  How is it that he thinks he can get away with flirting with me like that my friends?  Is it because I make it so embarassingly clear that I’m into him?  Or was that a simple attempt at wit?  I shall never know.

In any case, I cannot believe that my roomie would be into Chad.  However, it was apparently love at first sight, because her inner poet has come out, as it tends to after a few drinks, and she spent the cab ride home coming up with prose on the beauty of their connection.

I’m still not sure about the Mason thing–in all honesty, I am generally concerned with the concept of morality and a big part of me feels as though it would be wrong to go after someone who is taken.  That said, there are a number of philosophers who maintain that the “right” thing is self-satisfaction. Hmmm.

A sometime lover of mine is going to be in town tomorrow, so I must get my beauty rest.  Goodnight!

xx Charlee

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